Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're moving!

In the words of the great Phoebe, Let's live in an apartment that we both live in! It's with giddy pleasure that I announce that after much searching, Mitch and I have purchased a condo — okay, Mitch has purchased a condo and promises to let me live there. Nice, right! Moving to the ever blossoming Lower Lonsdale region of North Vancouver; our sweet suite is wonderfully south-facing, has great big windows, and an open kitchen. After much searching, bidding, and some light renovating; the place should be move-in ready by the weekend! Eek, homeowners? I mean, whoo, homeowners! Also, no more painting, please.


Artwork copyright © 2011 Jasmine Habart.


  1. yay!!! can't wait for the meowing party...congrats u two. luv leah

  2. Yipeeeee!!! Wow, that all sounds so very exciting! Good luck to the both of you on the move. Let us know when you are hosting the house-warming party ;) I'll bring cat treats :)


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