Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Simon says...

Simon says: Act just like Jasmine's cat. From the first film, Cat Man Do, Simon's Cat has reminded me of the heartwarming joys and frustrations of living with Mickey, my cute and cuddly yet ever so needy fluff ball of a cat.

I love this film because it makes think back to all the all-nighters I pulled when I went back to school, and how Mickey would curl up beside me as I worked away until the early sunrise (at which point he would run like lightning to the kitchen to be fed). But like clockwork, at about 2am and 4am, he'd wake up full of energy, wanting to play and sit...everywhere...just like Simon's Cat.

To see more of English animator, Simon Tofield's hilarious cat films, visit his website or YouTube channel. You wont regret it!

Film from Simon's Cat YouTube channel.

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