Monday, August 22, 2011

Whiskey Rocks

Trying to cut down on his beer intake, Mitch has begun the process of refining his taste for scotch. Loving to research new things, he learned about these creative Whiskey Rocks by Teroforma. Milled in Vermont from natural soapstone, these flavourless stones chill drinks without watering them down. We found these ones from Chapters, and after a few hours in the freezer they work perfectly!

Mitch also heard that using a double-walled glass, aka my coffee cup*, is another great way to keep scotch cold.

*Note: This Bodum glass (I ♥ Bodum) has been broken and replaced since the writing of this post. Don't forget the Whiskey Rocks are actual rocks, so be careful not to drop them all over the place when you're washing them.

Photographs copyright © 2011 Jasmine Habart.

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