Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For the love of pugs

Gemma Correll Pugs Not Drugs Tee from Urban Outfitters

It must be because they look a lot like himalayan cats that I love pugs so much! But I'm not the only one who adores them. Gemma Correll is a huge pug enthusiast, and she's also an amazing illustrator. Her quirky drawings make me laugh, and I was so excited to discover one of her most famous illustrations on a t-shirt at Urban Outfitters. Pugs not drugs. I repeated the message all throughout the day. Here are a few of my own pug prints, inspired by a real-life puggle named Bruce and his larger-than-life appetite. Prints and greeting cards are available on my Etsy shop.

I'm BIGBONED — fine art print

I'm BIGBONED — set of 4 greeting cards

Pugs not drugs illustration by Gemma Correll. Photograph from Urban Outfitters.
I'm BIGBONED artwork and photographs copyright © 2011 Jasmine Habart.

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